The League offers an exhaustive menu of dining and refreshment options:

Restaurant,Roof garden Restaurant
24-hour coffee shop
Bar Facility (smoking and non smoking )
Lawn/Pool side Restaurant



The League has been specially designed to be retreat for business or pleasure:

Mini Conference Hall
Conference and Banquet area
Infrastructure to facilitate great business meetings.


The League is packed with activities that rejuvenate or relax:Mammoth 3000sq.ft Swimming pool with separate facilities for diving and a kiddies pool:

Modern gymnasium with steam & sauna bath, Jacuzzi
Tennis & Shuttle , Table Tennis
Chess, Carrom and other indoor games
Children’s play area & child care centre


The League has a variety of entertainment facilities:

Open air theatre where films are screened
Events during festivals and regular week end bash
Family & Member get-togethers.


Welcome to League Ayurvedic Spa:

The foundation of the experience is formed by three primary senses
Sight, Sound and Touch. The second stage builds upon this experience by appealing to the more acute senses of Taste and Smell. The apex symbolizes the unique sensory experience of our Moksha Ayurvedic Spa.The spa experience may only be achieved once all five senses have been


Our mission is balancing the senses.

Spa Manager:

Our Therapists take our guests on exhilarating sensory journeys with their special skils and personal care. Our uniqueness lies in our quest for perfect balancing in the use of products made only from natural & Eco-friendly ingedients. Our Spas provide a choice of both International and Indigenous.Therapies and always deliver them in the most authentic manner in a calm and soothing ambience.

Moksha's attitude towards our guests is "Athithi Devo Bhava""Athithi Devo Bhava". Which means"Guest is God" in Sanskrit.

Our mission is to deliver unique spa experience in an impaccable and memorable way and very much beyond guest expectations.

Our aim is to create a happy,healthy and peaceful society & our only expectation in return is the satisfacation of our guests.



The virgin science of life:

Ayurveda a holistic healing science, is 5000 years of Indian wisdom distilled into a system of practice. The word Ayuveda is derived from Sanskrit words. Aya (life span) and veda (knowledge). This 'knowledge of life is a healing approach that addresses the needs of body mind & soil.
Ayurveda believes in the therapy of not just the affected part, but the individual as a whole Making it the natural way to refresh you, eliminate all toxic imbalance from the body and thus regain resistance, arrest premature ageing and help man lead balanced life.


How Ayurveda Works:

The modern world is in search of natural and alternative systems of Medicine, and Ayurveda is the best option available. According to Ayurveda. Human body is delicately balanced with three natural humors/forces: Vata (air), Pitha (fire) and kapha (water).Today's lifestyle breaks up this equilibrium of body leading to illness. Ayurveda, using herbal medicines, eliminates toxic impurities of the body, helps regain immunity and recharge the body and mind to make you feel energetic.


Moksha Spa offers:

Starting with a brief lifestyle consultation, where our Traditional consultant determine your Prakriti or Dosha type. You will be advised as to which therapies you might undergo over the next few days to rejuvenate and avoid ill-health.


Special type of oil massage in which strokes are given according to the type. A good prevention against skin diseases, improves proper blood circulation, very good for sound sleep, obesity and total relaxation.


This massage with special herbal powder is typically done for depleting fat, strengthening muscles, ideal for disease like hemitplegia paralysis and certain Rheumatic ailments.


Moksha's interpretation of the most popular and effective anti-stress Ayurveda therapy. In this unique process, a steady stream of decoction made of either medicated oils or butter milk, etc are poured on the forehead in a special method for about 30 to 45 minutes in a day for a period of 7-21 days. It is mainly for insomnia tension, sleep disorders and certain skin diseases.


In this Kerala massage, the whole body as a specific part is made to perspire through external application of certain medicinal puddings prepared from special Njavara Rice. It is cooked in herbal decoction with milk and packed in muslim bags.This is applied by two to four therapists for about 60-90 minutes per day for a period of 14 days. It is for all types of pain in the joints, emaciation of limbs, cholesterol, strengthens muscles and ligaments, cures stiffness of joints, improves blood circulation and digestion make the skin soft and certain kinds of skin diseases.

Kalari Thirummu:

A form of "Kalari" ( a Kerala martial art), foot massage recharges all your indriyas, good for rejuvenating the body to reduce mental tension, sexual weakness and improve vitality.


Moksha's Signature Treatments:

Serenity - Full body Aromatherapy Massage
A full body invigorating massage with aromatic herbal oils, specifically blended for the best aromas for each type of massage. A massage with special strokes by hand to tone up the body and improve the blood circulation. Provides a deep relaxation and spiritual nurturing.


In this process , body is made to perspire by continuous pouring of luke-warm herbal Oils is followed by gentle massage. This treatment is given for general weakness, arthritis,paralysis, etc. It is carried out on a healthy person as a rejuvenating & anti-ageing process.

Pada Dhara:

The perfect pick me up to ease the discomfort of tired , swollen legs and feet with this application of herbal oil. Excellent for healthy eyes,the warmed oil is poured onto the feet and gently rubbed for optimum results.


The healing gift of heat is employed in this traditional tonic, one of the most relaxing and refreshing, massage that you can enjoy. Herbal leaves/herbs/powders are applied to the whole body in boluses with hot medicated oils for 40-45 minutes per day for a period of 7-14 days very good for lubricating joints osteoarthritis, arthritis with swelling, spondilosis, sports injuries; especially back ache, cleanses blood circulation channels expels toxins through sweat.


Moksha Ayurvedic Spa packages:


Traditional massages, purifying body boost, purifying Facial, Skin Tonic Bath, Udvarthana Scrub and Detox drink with every treatment.


Energiser massage, Marmathirummu, Moksha Dhara, Skin Tonic Bath, Coffee Rub and Refreshing drink with every treatment.


Serenity Moksha Facial, Indian Head Massage, Skin Tonic bath, Peak performance drink with every treatment.


Honey-sesame body glow, Serenity - Aromatherapy massage, Honey-coconut facial, Herbal drink.


Pada Dhara, Masrmathirummu, Moksha Facial and Ayur Tonic. + many more Moksha Spa experiences.